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How to get through tough times

I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word.
Psalms 130:5 NLT


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Review: Still Waiting (Ann Swindell)

It’s interesting that this review has been waiting in my mind while I finished up a semester at school. It’s hard to say just how much this book resonated with me because of the times of waiting I’ve gone through. No one wants to put off that dream or endure hardship a day longer than they think they should, but there’s something about waiting that can strengthen a person, especially if they draw close to God as they wait.

Swindell’s experiences taught her and deepened her relationship with God, and I’ve found the same, waiting for years to find a career path that made sense and used my skills to the full. Now that I’m in school and find confirmation almost every week that this will be a job where God can use the talents He gave me to reach others, I can picture myself looking back at the waiting as being worth it for the good in the end, though I would never have been able to see it back then. Now, I think, I could get through waiting of different sorts with more hope, because of the assurance that God will use every experience and won’t waste a thing…

Through her story, Swindell explains well why we chafe at the waiting times, and how God can use them for our good. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone struggling with waiting, and even those who’ve come out of those times but still need to time to reflect and to glean the lessons and hope for the future.

Book description: 

What if God wants you to wait?
Most of us know what it’s like to wait for God to change our circumstances. But, whether we’re waiting for physical healing, emotional breakthrough, or better relationships, waiting is something we usually try to avoid. Why? Because waiting is painful and hard. The truth is, it’s also inevitable.

In Still Waiting, Ann Swindell explores the depths of why God wants us to wait by chronicling her own compelling story of waiting for healing from an incurable condition. She offers a vibrant retelling of the biblical account of the Bleeding Woman that parallels her story—and yours, too.

Let Ann help you see the promise that is hidden in the ache of waiting and the hope of what God can—and will—do as you wait on him.

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Will I run out of things to clean?

I doubt it, but I’m definitely getting more organising and cleaning done than I expected to happen at the end of this month. 😉 We’ll call this strategy “working Baby out.” And it’s not always what’s on my written list that is accomplished, but whatever my mind nabs as the next job that just has to be done! It’s also interesting how much nesting can be done on less sleep – I don’t sleep well at the end of pregnancy, just when you’d think my body would be begging to store up some energy for labour!

I hope no one minds if I say I hope this is the last photo I’ll be taking of the baby bump. 😉 I hope Baby isn’t trying for “longest time inside Mum’s belly” and going for overachiever status with that – Ben’s already been beaten at 40 weeks 2 days because he was an early morning arrival and it’s past noon. C’mon out, little one, don’t be shy!

40 weeks 1 day

40 weeks 1 day

(Sidenote: I’ve rarely been warm the entire pregnancy, but my sweaters and scoop-neck t-shirts make me feel a bit exposed at the bottom of the belly when I reach up – since my best jeans want to slip below the belly now – so I dug back in the closet for the longest maternity shirts. Amazingly, I’m not that cold most of the day lately, so this works out nicely. They’re also a lot more flattering than my winterwear! They’ll likely be part of my transition wear too.)

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What to do while waiting for Baby…

Keep busy! This, of course, depends on the level of energy, and not getting a normal night’s sleep doesn’t help. I prefer to look at that problem as fairly typical of the last weeks of pregnancy, though, so I don’t let it stress me out. I will find the energy when it’s finally time. Right?

Did some cleaning and organising today, took Ben to his reading club at the library and also finished a Jan Watson book (that last was accomplished in the wee hours of the morning). I’ve got a list ready for Wednesday, but obviously hope I’m not able to get to it due to being at the hospital. 😉

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Today’s soundtrack: Skillet

So, I ended up being super productive yesterday and was hoping it would be a repeat of the day I went into labour with Ben (who was an overnight baby). Nope, just felt like I was getting ready all evening and then woke a couple times overnight with nothing resulting.

Today will be more productivity if my body allows, try to keep my mind off the annoyance of waiting. 😉 I really should be more patient since I’ve gone to 40 weeks before, but the false alarms and sensation of my body really preparing for it had led me to believe I’d have a slightly early baby. Anyway… music helps when my mood wants to turn sour, hence putting most of Skillet’s discography on a playlist this morning. (I’m not that into live CDs, so I skipped them.) I even used Wikipedia to determine the chronological order of the CDs!

All right, off to cool some homemade coconut milk and get some cleaning done. Obviously, I hope to be back with a birth announcement, but don’t be surprised to see another countdown post instead. 😉

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