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You are NOT alone

One of the most unhelpful things that we humans tend to believe is that we are alone – in our feelings, thoughts, and circumstances. While still maintaining our uniqueness of character, we are actually traveling similar roads each day. Do not live in the lie that no one will understand what you’re going through, for it is in I hisolation that despair grows and festers.

Talk to someone you trust – find a person to trust and take that leap. Tell that person about what’s happening deep down inside you. The right audience can make a huge difference – suddenly the burden is lighter because it’s been shared. And you’ll likely hear that what you’re feeling is something you have in common.

I’m working on my active listening, so I volunteer if you need to have this type of conversation. And if for some reason you are reading this and we’ve never met (since that can happen with the Internet) maybe you’ll have the courage to take a chance on speaking deeply with a receptive stranger. I’m no helpline, but I do have a direct line open to Heaven when I need backup in understanding and empathising.

Now for some mundane details and I’ll plan to check back in tomorrow to share if I found any life lessons or opportunities for change in a regular summer day… No lounging around for our Monday morning, but an appointment after breakfast for windshield repair, likely needed as a result of a recent road trip. Good car of mine to have few problems so far! If there’s a wait, my three boys and I will walk a short distance to the mechanic because it’s probably time to schedule brake repairs – before they’re totally worn out is preferable!

Last but not least, here’s where I am journeying in Bible study with an online group of friends: the wonderful first book of Psalms. Lots to underline (showing the verses resonate) and jot down (in the margins and selected, more detailed thoughts in a journal). I so appreciate this study!

Have a lovely day! Remember to reach out!


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