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Review: Enjoy! (Joyce & Clifford Penner)

I can’t wait until this book’s release and must tell you about it immediately! I’ll repost my review in September to get more folks aware of it. Seriously, you’re going to want this book!

enjoy cover

I’m so excited about this book! The authors work in the field of sexual therapy, so they know their stuff after years of treating couples and helping them through tough times. And I loved how they included the science of what’s going on with different aspects of intimacy. For a long time, I thought I was more of a language nerd and science was just okay, but at this point in my life, I’m finding that I love scientific explanations for everyday topics that may have seemed confusing and mysterious, plus I just like learning all the cool ways God designed us. Side note: This book is written by Christians, but I believe its content will be useful for everyone.

The book addresses all sorts of issues with intimacy, but its main point is reflected by the title Enjoy! Listen up, everyone, because sex is meant for women to enjoy, and if you don’t know how to do that, this book will break it down and help you discover why. Fascinating and practical knowledge!

Though I’m a single mum now and don’t know what the future holds, I wanted to read this book to understand more – about my past, my present and whatever comes in the future. The days of being ignorant are gone for me, and the authors have helped me pinpoint things that I would do differently and how I would maintain a healthy attitude toward sex in marriage. When I read about dating and marriage, I’m looking to be prepared, which I don’t feel I was the first time around. Thank you to the Penners for their contribution to this period of healing!

Book description: Do you want a stronger, more exciting sex life with your husband? As a married woman, you have the power to increase sexual fulfillment for you and your husband—if you aren’t stymied by false assumptions about a wife’s role in sex.

In Enjoy: The Gift of Sexual Pleasure for Women, Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner dispel assumptions that can keep women from accepting and expressing their God-given sexuality in marriage. After more than forty years as sex therapists and educators, the Penners have learned what helps couples build lasting, mutually enjoyable sex in marriage. Their knowledge is culled from the stories of thousands of individuals and couples who sought help with frustrations and have found relief and mutual fulfillment.

In this book they share step-by-step, practical ways for wives to move from duty and disappointment to pleasure and fulfillment. Learn how the woman’s biblical role for sex in marriage is to pursue all of who she is sexually and share her sexuality with her husband, which will, in turn, increase his satisfaction.

Be empowered as a woman to embrace your sexuality and find deeper enjoyment with your husband. This title is a companion to The Married Guy’s Guide to Great Sex, also by the Penners.


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Book Giveaway: 100 Prayers for Your Marriage (Darlene Schacht)

100 prayers coverWant to win a book that releases today? Reply to this post to be entered in a giveaway for the ebook of 100 Prayers for Your Marriage, the newest book by Darlene Schacht. It comes out today, and here’s the Amazon link to buy it for yourself or others.

It’s easy to say, “I love you,” but not so easy to live it when we’re called to be patient and kind. Love is more than a word, and so much more than a feeling. It’s humility when we want to hold onto our pride. It’s holding our tongue when we want to lash out. It’s a kind word when we’re angry and hurt. It’s perseverance when we want to give up. Satan is out to destroy your marriage, and in the process destroy you. It’s for this reason that we are called to be fervent in prayer. Join hands together; ride beside each other in battle. Slay every thought and imagination that threatens your bond. 100 Prayers For Your Marriage is an invitation to draw close to each other and closer to God. It’s a dare to fight for your marriage. It’s a challenge to pray with, and for each other every day.
Darlene Schacht is known by her readers as The Time-Warp Wife. She’s an Evangelical Christian whose number one priority is to serve Jesus Christ in every area of her life. She and her husband Michael live in Manitoba Canada. Married 26 years, they have four children, a bird and two pugs. She’s an award-winning and New York Times best-selling author.

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Review: Beyond Ordinary (Justin & Trisha Davis)

I received this ebook from Tyndale for review. I hadn’t heard of the authors or their website RefineUs, but the title seemed interesting and I’ve been looking for more non-fiction this year rather than sticking with novel after novel.

I enjoyed this read overall and felt it gave some excellent points to put into action to make one’s marriage stronger and more than the mundane.

I liked when Justin and Trisha told their relationship history in separate sections, clearly marked “Justin” or “Trisha.” When they combined to speak about specific spiritual and marriage issues, there were points that they still slipped into using first-person singular but then added a name in parantheses for clarification. I found this distracting and wished they had tried for first-person plural and then each other’s name here and there when necessary. Point of view is one of my reading pet peeves, though, and it’s the only negative thing I would have to say about the book.

I recommend this book for everyone married or expecting to be married someday. Why settle for an ordinary relationship when there are resources to avoid that path in life?

Book trailer: BeyondOrdinary from RefineUs Ministries on Vimeo.

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Words to Ponder, Colossians 3:18-19

Wives, understand and support your husbands by submitting to them in ways that honor the Master. Husbands, go all out in love for your wives. Don’t take advantage of them. (The Message)

Mutual respect and a proper understanding of God’s design for marriage are all hidden in that often-negative word “submission” that our society hates (unless we’re talking about soldiers, then we understand there’s a hierarchy of command). Am I going to be the person who fights to be in charge or a peaceful presence in my home, working as part of a team for God?

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