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Different than any other book in the world

For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.
Hebrews 4:12 NLT

It’s amazing how one book can contain so many lessons. I could read the same section at different points in my life and get fresh insight each time. I may be confronted about a behavior that needs to be dropped, an attitude that needs adjusting, or find hope where I had little before. This is why it’s so important to do more than simply read my Bible – I need to study it as a life manual and a mirror into my soul.


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Currently reading and recently read…


The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer – Going slowly to soak it in, really good!

Not sure what to read for fiction. Started Scoop by Rene Gutteridge, and wasn’t hooked. Same for Deep Dixie by Annie Jones.

And recently:

Island Girl by Sandra Byrd – picked this for school and enjoyed it so much! I’ll post my review that was a class activity.

To Get to You by Joanne Bischof – also for school, loved it! I need to make a video for class to promote it, so I’ll post that in the future!

Happy reading!

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Our brains are fabulous!

I know, I get excited about books all the time. But this one had me learning about the brain in an easy way! Neat-o!


The Whole Brain Child was one of two books by Daniel Siegel and Tina Bryson recommended to me for help with parenting a child struggling with anxiety. I suspect they will also help with the one with autism, too, and probably the youngest as well. (Yes, a lot going on here!)

I looked forward to reading each chapter and learning more about how the brain works. It reminded me of taking an online course a few years ago on the topic, but this book was even easier to follow and gave a lot of stories to explain how it all looks in real life situations. I also loved the strategies at the end of the chapters to put the knowledge into practice, as well as the ways to explain to children the concepts the parents have just learned. Brilliant concept to get children involved in the process of understanding their brains too!

Pick this book up for yourself, or grab the ebook as I did. It’s worth a little of your time and maybe then we can gab about how cool it is! 🙂

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Currently reading, February edition

cane-river-setI’m dreaming of visiting Louisiana right now. I started The Pepper in the Gumbo (Mary Jane Hathaway) and love it! Not only do I identify with the bookstore owner who’s not sold on technology taking over her life –  I’m usually on the tech-savvy end of things, yet I find myself rebelling with print, pen and paper quite often – but I also love that the setting has a connection with my second language of French, which still occupies my brain even though there isn’t much cause to use it in this English-Russian town…

I think I might end up tracking down some of the favourite books of the two main characters, who have bonded over their interest in books. That could be a fun exploration in print, and I bet my public library could help!

I’m also going one chapter a week through Life’s Healing Choices (John Baker). Such a useful book for anyone, though it is the book of choice for certain Christian recovery groups. Let’s face it, we’re all needing recovery from one thing or another – if we haven’t gone the route of substance abuse or other well-known destructive behaviours, we may be codependent or just suffering from bad habits that haunt our lives. Studying the Beatitudes from this perspective is really helpful. I should revisit the book Boundaries as well, since it’s used by Christians and non-Christians alike to explain how to live politely and kindly while respecting ourselves and our needs.

I have book reviews to write, so expect some here in the near future. Until then, I’m amassing many book recommendations for anyone who might ask for a good book to read…

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Currently reading, resurrected

book-pilesI can’t really call any of my blog posts regular features because life gets in the way of my good intentions of blogging often… Here’s a quick check-in with me on the topic of reading, one of my favourite activities!

Fiction: Beauty and the Beast, K.M Shea. I had read several Christmas stories and then took a break to read Pride & Prejudice & the Perfect Match (fun read!), now this one. Will probably get back to Christmas stories since I have quite a few in my ebook collection (and I just got a Kindle to save my eyes from too much tablet and phone use).

Non-fiction: Becoming Your Own Parent, Dennis Wholey. This one is a tough read because of the raw stories of homes with alcoholism, abuse and neglect, but I do think I will learn a few useful strategies or insights into recovering from being raised in a dysfunctional home. After this, I have a stack of non-fiction on Christian living that I’ll want to go through.

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New Blog Feature: Becca’s Best!

978753-bestI have a book review that I need to write, but I’ve been thinking of other bloggy things as well, which makes it harder to focus. Such is the mind of The Loquacious Canadian, who often procrastinates by getting other things accomplished… as opposed to the “normal” – who wants normal, anyway? – procrastination where one does nothing at all!

Anyhoodles… This idea will not be limited to books, but will branch out in what I hope will be a lovely way and will benefit folks by highlighting books, movies, music and products that might not have been found otherwise. So Becca’s Best should be a fun feature for me and will pop up whenever something super-cool comes to mind!

But first, the original intention: I will pick my favourite books in various genres and on many different topics, giving a review or just gushing about the book and giving an Amazon link if I’ve got one. Fair warning: I will not limit myself to one in each category because I was never good at that. (My friends from the now-defunct Christian Bookshelf can attest to that. I always want to give at least three choices when asked for a single item!)

I hope to get this started soon, and my next non-fiction review might even qualify for the category, that’s how great it is!

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Currently Reading, end of October

The month is almost gone and this one seemed to speed by. Is that because it didn’t seem like a bad month for me? It had to leave because I was enjoying it too much? 😉

I had an opportunity to grab discarded materials from my church library, so I have almost the full set of the Zion Covenant and the entire Zion Chronicles. I don’t need more books – my bedroom is the family library, with three shelves already in place and one to go up – but I decided to treat these new additions like a to-read list of books that likely won’t stick around for long. There’s no due date like a library loan, but I’m not planning to keep the sets (especially since one is incomplete). If I enjoy them as much as I think I will, I’ll make a note to re-read in the future by way of library loans. This time, though, I have a more generous time period in which to finish them!

vienna prelude coverI started with Vienna Prelude, the first of the Zion Covenant, because I’d rather read chronologically within the stories than in the order written. So far it is great! The beginning may have seemed a little slow, but I’ve been reading novellas and non-fiction that seemed to move along at a good pace; this is a different genre with a much longer word count in which to relate the saga, so I understand that it will have more description and introspection than other pieces I’ve read of late.

And I’m going to be writing in November, so don’t expect me to be making much progress with this book until my 50K is done!

I’ll likely also read some Christmas novellas in December since I snagged a couple ebook collections that included Valerie Comer’s work. (It’s kinda cool when you realise a childhood friend’s mother is a writer, a connection you never suspected back in the day. She’s provided lots of good reading this year!) I may even write my own Christmas story, perhaps during November! One year I made one of the characters in my novel an amateur writer so I could sneak in little projects like kids’ stories about travelling rabbits and also a holiday tale. It was fun to come up with a way to make the novel-writing challenge span multiple genres and accomplish more than I had expected. This may become a habit for me…

Happy reading to all and happy NaNoWriMo to my fellow writers!

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