About the Author

Though online friends once compared my looks to that of Kimberly Williams, I am neither an actress nor a producer. I did enjoy drama classes in high school and the occasional skit in the church youth group, but I am rather unknown in Hollywood as yet. 😉

My dreams include writing a stockpile of great fiction I might just get published someday, visiting the UK (maybe on a Jane Austen tour?) and growing old gracefully. I spend my spare time collecting tunes that make me dance, watching movies, reading novels and believing “Star Trek” is cool. (Fell in love with the franchise when “The Next Generation” came along, then worked my way backward to the original series, books and movies.)

I think of myself as a geek-in-training; I may know more than my parents and sisters when it comes to computers, but I’m still lagging behind folks like hackers and full-time computer programmers. That’s OK, ’cause we’ve all got our special talents, and one of mine is an insane interest in English grammar. (Why do I care so much about it? Haven’t quite figured that out.)

My other obsessions: the colour blue, foods with vanilla flavouring, and the perfect writing pen. (They aren’t as common as you’d think.) I collect recipes, bookmarks, stationery and free e-books for my Nook.

My first baby was born in 2007, my second near the end of 2009 and my third in 2014. Motherhood has challenged me in many ways, but I think I’ve become a better person for it. And there’s plenty yet to learn!

To email Becca, use the contact form here and then wait patiently for her to check messages and think up a reply. 😉