Currently reading, February edition

cane-river-setI’m dreaming of visiting Louisiana right now. I started The Pepper in the Gumbo (Mary Jane Hathaway) and love it! Not only do I identify with the bookstore owner who’s not sold on technology taking over her life –  I’m usually on the tech-savvy end of things, yet I find myself rebelling with print, pen and paper quite often – but I also love that the setting has a connection with my second language of French, which still occupies my brain even though there isn’t much cause to use it in this English-Russian town…

I think I might end up tracking down some of the favourite books of the two main characters, who have bonded over their interest in books. That could be a fun exploration in print, and I bet my public library could help!

I’m also going one chapter a week through Life’s Healing Choices (John Baker). Such a useful book for anyone, though it is the book of choice for certain Christian recovery groups. Let’s face it, we’re all needing recovery from one thing or another – if we haven’t gone the route of substance abuse or other well-known destructive behaviours, we may be codependent or just suffering from bad habits that haunt our lives. Studying the Beatitudes from this perspective is really helpful. I should revisit the book Boundaries as well, since it’s used by Christians and non-Christians alike to explain how to live politely and kindly while respecting ourselves and our needs.

I have book reviews to write, so expect some here in the near future. Until then, I’m amassing many book recommendations for anyone who might ask for a good book to read…


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