Becca’s Best: Christmas Music

mouskouriLet’s start this category, for which I’m sure I could give a whole lot of opinions, with the recording I’m listening to right now. My dad made digital recordings of many of his LPs, and made me a CD of Nana Mouskouri’s Christmas. 😀 (I actually have this LP from my Uncle George’s collection, but my turntable came to me later and it isn’t used as often as it could be. Maybe Christmas is the time to change that!)

My family’s favourite track is #9, Old Toy Trains. I have been known to place it at the end of several Christmas CDs I made, so that it can easily be found for the tradition of playing it at bedtime on Dec. 24th. 🙂 (My boys can’t use the same stalling excuse that my sisters and I did that the song talks to a boy about going to bed and therefore it isn’t bedtime yet…)

If you haven’t heard Nana sing, I’d encourage you to try “In an English Country Garden” or “Old Toy Trains” as an introduction!

Merry three-weeks-until-Christmas!


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