New Blog Feature: Becca’s Best!

978753-bestI have a book review that I need to write, but I’ve been thinking of other bloggy things as well, which makes it harder to focus. Such is the mind of The Loquacious Canadian, who often procrastinates by getting other things accomplished… as opposed to the “normal” – who wants normal, anyway? – procrastination where one does nothing at all!

Anyhoodles… This idea will not be limited to books, but will branch out in what I hope will be a lovely way and will benefit folks by highlighting books, movies, music and products that might not have been found otherwise. So Becca’s Best should be a fun feature for me and will pop up whenever something super-cool comes to mind!

But first, the original intention: I will pick my favourite books in various genres and on many different topics, giving a review or just gushing about the book and giving an Amazon link if I’ve got one. Fair warning: I will not limit myself to one in each category because I was never good at that. (My friends from the now-defunct Christian Bookshelf can attest to that. I always want to give at least three choices when asked for a single item!)

I hope to get this started soon, and my next non-fiction review might even qualify for the category, that’s how great it is!


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