The Unfortunately, Fortunately game

too-blessed-to-be-stressed-ref-libTrouble counting your blessings? Always seem to be complaining? Try something new: play the Unfortunately, Fortunately game for a change in perspective. I’ll give you a few examples from my Wednesday experiences:

Unfortunately, my boys and I seem to be affected by seasonal allergies so far this spring. Fortunately, the weather has been beautiful and there are many flowers and much greenery to admire (once we’ve taken our allergy meds, also fortunately stocked up).

Unfortunately, I reached the end of the cash in my purse today. Fortunately, I had spent it on a pretty painting I can now admire from the comfort of my couch (and it was the least expensive of the store’s display, as well as my favourite).

Unfortunately, it was too hot to bake this afternoon for lunches and snacks tomorrow. Fortunately, I was able to take guilt-free time to read outdoors instead (and leave the baking for the cooler evening, when I would want to be indoors already).

Do you see the possibilities? Turning a frown upside down isn’t just for our faces but our minds as well. This is what I personally mean when I speak to others of “positive thinking” and “avoiding negativity.” It isn’t that I deny the negative circumstances or feelings in my days, but that I don’t let myself be held captive by them. I can spin my thoughts until I find the silver lining in the cloud, and I know that my life is full of blessings. File it under the hashtag #blessedlife, if you will.

I should clarify that I don’t believe in Fortune or Luck, but rather in God, the Giver of all good gifts. I continue to use the word “fortunately” while silently (and sometimes not so silently) acknowledging that God made everything and has His own wonderful ways of opening windows when doors are closed, and making beauty from ashes. Very fortunately, He has my heart and is doing great things with it. 🙂


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