Review: Berry on Top (Valerie Comer)

BOT-700x1050I’ve had such a good time this winter in terms of reading material, and Valerie Comer’s stories are a large part of the fun. Her Riverbend Romance novellas and the Farm Fresh Romance series meant more than reading time for me – I spent hours getting to know a growing group of friends I could picture meeting in my hometown. Are we absolutely sure these settings and their citizens aren’t real? I want to have dinner with these folks! (Normally I’d say “have a cup of tea” with a character, but the great food described in the Farm Fresh books means I’m aiming for more time with them and almost drooling as I read…)

Berry on Top brings the Farm Fresh series to a close with another great tale of food, friendship and love. Liz and Mason drew me in from the start with their past and present struggles and the choices they’ve made. Their journey to accepting God’s love and His plans for their lives was thought-provoking and satisfying at the same time.

I also enjoyed the wrap-up with the rest of the characters I had met in previous books, plus the teaser for the first book in the next series, Urban Farm Fresh Romance. I’m not going to miss an opportunity to savour more of such great writing, though the wait may pose a problem for me…

This ebook was provided by the author for review purposes, but all opinions given above are my own.



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