NaNoWriMo second-week update

I think the pace is starting to get to me! Or, it could be the cabin fever from staying in with sick kids and not socialising except by computer or phone screens… Either way, this writer is finding the high word count expectations I had for the first week (when I had a goal of 3,000 words each day) are not happening regularly. There have only been three days I didn’t make the minimum NaNo goal of 1,667 (and one was a sick day for me) so that’s not too bad. But I don’t want to resent the writing challenge or the urge within me to immerse myself in a story when I have a real life that keeps demanding my attention as well.

So, I’m trying to draw on real-life events or thoughts to get the daily writing done with speed (since lack of inspiration turns me into a sort of writing snail and every sentence is torture), then give myself a break when I feel I just can’t do anymore for an hour or two, or the rest of the day. (Luckily, that last part usually doesn’t occur before evening, when a day of caring for kids has worn out my body and my thinkermathingy. Brain, you say? See, worn out.)

I’ve passed the 22,000 mark by day 11, so I really should be proud of what I’ve done. That’s more words than I’ve written the rest of 2015. Um yeah, I need to write more often!

It should also be noted that the only year I didn’t make the challenge since I started doing it was when Ben was almost 2 years old. How old is Alex right now? Closing in on 2… I think there’s something to be said for toddlers demanding attention from their mama! Writing is difficult when Alex wants to climb in my lap, pound on the keys or move my pen, shove books in my face to read over and over and over, etc. So, anything I write this month is even more special than other years because there’s a war on for my attention!

Happy writing to all my fellow NaNo participants, let’s get ‘er done!


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