Currently Reading, end of October

The month is almost gone and this one seemed to speed by. Is that because it didn’t seem like a bad month for me? It had to leave because I was enjoying it too much? 😉

I had an opportunity to grab discarded materials from my church library, so I have almost the full set of the Zion Covenant and the entire Zion Chronicles. I don’t need more books – my bedroom is the family library, with three shelves already in place and one to go up – but I decided to treat these new additions like a to-read list of books that likely won’t stick around for long. There’s no due date like a library loan, but I’m not planning to keep the sets (especially since one is incomplete). If I enjoy them as much as I think I will, I’ll make a note to re-read in the future by way of library loans. This time, though, I have a more generous time period in which to finish them!

vienna prelude coverI started with Vienna Prelude, the first of the Zion Covenant, because I’d rather read chronologically within the stories than in the order written. So far it is great! The beginning may have seemed a little slow, but I’ve been reading novellas and non-fiction that seemed to move along at a good pace; this is a different genre with a much longer word count in which to relate the saga, so I understand that it will have more description and introspection than other pieces I’ve read of late.

And I’m going to be writing in November, so don’t expect me to be making much progress with this book until my 50K is done!

I’ll likely also read some Christmas novellas in December since I snagged a couple ebook collections that included Valerie Comer’s work. (It’s kinda cool when you realise a childhood friend’s mother is a writer, a connection you never suspected back in the day. She’s provided lots of good reading this year!) I may even write my own Christmas story, perhaps during November! One year I made one of the characters in my novel an amateur writer so I could sneak in little projects like kids’ stories about travelling rabbits and also a holiday tale. It was fun to come up with a way to make the novel-writing challenge span multiple genres and accomplish more than I had expected. This may become a habit for me…

Happy reading to all and happy NaNoWriMo to my fellow writers!


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