Happy birthday, Alex!

An entire year has passed since Alex joined our family! It’s amazing how much a baby develops in his first year, from total dependence for everything to playing with toys, feeding himself, crawling and cruising plus learning to fall asleep on his own.

Alex now has eight teeth. He also dealt with an ear infection in January, so there was a lot of need for comforting and less independent play than usual. There have been good times in the past month, though, and he’s developed a fondness for the “noisy toys” in his collection. (And I can sing along with them fairly well now that I’ve heard the tunes so often.)

Coming soon for this little guy: his first haircut! (Usually just a trim when they’re so young, to straighten out near the ears and at the neck.)


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One response to “Happy birthday, Alex!

  1. Mandy

    Happy birthday, Alex! Kisses from Aunty! And hugs to your brothers. 😉


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