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I don’t seem to be consistent at writing book reviews anymore, probably since my book club message board faded away. Until I get that sorted out in my brain (possibly with the aid of a to-do-list app) I’ll attempt regular posts with thoughts on what I’ve read. At the least, I’ll have a record of books read! Yes, I have that at GoodReads, but this should be easier to note in a chronological manner. And I’m partial to this blog, anyway, so I’d rather have lists here. 😉

I was sent a reading challenge on Pinterest that I liked, so I’ll be choosing some of my reading material in 2015 based on that list. Here’s what I have for January:

A book from an author you love that you haven’t read yet, plus A book by a female author – Always on My Mind (Susan May Warren). Soooo good!

A non-fiction book – From Tablet to Table (Leonard Sweet). Interesting, thought-provoking and hopefully practical for my own life.

A book from an author you haven’t read yet, plus A book you own but have never read – Firewall (DiAnn Mills). Good suspense, interesting premise!

A book you can read in a day – The Ordinary Princess (M.M. Kaye). I should re-read this every year, I love it so much!

A memoir – My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business (Dick Van Dyke). Very interesting, though I admit that I was lost at times with references to show biz names I hadn’t yet heard. Pretty long career for me to know everyone, though, plus his interest in silent films, knowledge of which I am quite lacking. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the read and feeling like I got to know a favourite actor better. 🙂

And I’m currently reading The Five Love Languages (Gary Chapman) but I haven’t checked where that might fit on the challenge list. It’s been on my shelf since summer and I promised to pass it on to my mum, so I better read it!

I’ve requested two more titles from Tyndale, including Unveiled Wife (a blog I’m familiar with), and then want to save a space for the next Susan May Warren, book five in the Christiansen Family series. It would be nice if I could get them all as review ebooks, but I’m hooked on the series anyway!

Now I need to organise my days enough that I know when to fit in reading along with other pursuits. I can understand when people say they don’t have time to read, but if it’s important to you (and it is to me) you make time!


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