Blogging through the Bible: Welcome to Exodus!

This month, my Good Morning Girls Bible study group is beginning the book of Exodus. And I am trying a study method new to me: colour-coding the study passage! Hopefully this bit of quick analysis as I read through each chapter will bring new insights to my mind.

This week’s insight I’d like to share actually comes from Chapter 5, which I read this morning. In verse 3, Moses and Aaron are meeting with Pharaoh and they say “The God of the Hebrews has met with us.” (NIV translation this time because I’m colouring in an older Bible. NLT is a newer translation for me and that’s where my Verse of the Day emails usually come from when I post here.)

The phrase “has met with us” brought to mind the myths of the Roman and Greek gods, who are distant or tyrannical and sometimes both. But our God meets with us. He is not a distant ruler, or a Creator who retreats to let His creation fend for itself. Instead, He wants to guide us, give us insight on this life and the next, and just love on us! (I use that phrase “love on” because it conjures up images for me of cuddling, tickling and hugging my children. Who wouldn’t want a Heavenly Father like that?)

Take this knowledge with you today and let it encourage you as you go through your day. He wants a relationship with you. And He waits for your answer. What’s it going to be?


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