Review: Pitchin’ A Fit (Brandilyn Collins)

I’ve waited for over a year and a half for Brandilyn’s second Dearing Family novel, ever since I finished reading the first! I loved the Dearing Family, the humour in the story and their wonderfully spunky dog, Lady Penelope.

While the first book introduced us to Ben Dearing’s fiancee Christina, the second one gives us the highs and lows of the preparation for their wedding, including an unwanted family member just turning up suddenly and potentially spoiling the big event.

Once again, I enjoyed the humour and the pet, who could have made more appearances to my mind. What I didn’t like was the treatment of the unwanted guest- almost everyone was rude to her in a way that seemed uncharacteristic of the family, especially one so rooted in their faith. I wanted to see some open arms and honest conversation taking place so that the wedding would include this person in a good way. And so I was disappointed. I suppose the story was more realistic than I wanted?

I’m still looking forward to the next in the series, and not just because I have some loyalty to Brandilyn after the years of great suspense reading she’s given me. I’m hoping for more family humour and more Yorkie!


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