Alex is 11 months old!

Alex has gained another tooth in the past month (just before Christmas Day, as I suspected might happen) and he discovered the “dropping game,” where he drops all sorts of objects just because. Sometimes he even says “bm” for “boom”! Very cute, though I do appreciate it more when he’s dropping little toys and not food or his cup… He’s starting to pass toys and food as well, like he wants to share but doesn’t quite understand the process since he often takes the item back before you can grab it.

He loves to sit up on the couch like a big kid, but that is done sparingly and with very close supervision because I keep thinking he’ll pitch forward as if leaving the couch or chair head-first is the thing to do! I’ll be relieved when he understands how to dismount correctly. Hopefully he learns that before he really gets a love of climbing.

His favourite toy right now is a parking garage with ramp and elevator. He can drop toys down the elevator, watch cars go down the spiral ramp, and the entire garage offers enough resistance that he uses it as a walking tool. (Actual walking toys move too quickly with their light weight plus wheels that move easily – and our laminate flooring likely doesn’t help – so he’s not a fan of those yet.)

I’m excited to see what the next month will bring for development, and I can’t wait to see him tear into some cake for his first birthday! 🙂


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