Coming in 2015 to a blog near you…

I’ve been part of a Bible study group online for some time now (almost two and a half years, I think) and I’m going to start blogging about that, sharing some of the lessons we’re learning. I should have a spiffy new badge in the sidebar to go with that, making the Tyndale one not quite so lonely, hee hee.

It might also help me stay organised if I post about some of the household projects I’ll have going on – clearing out storage spaces that become too cluttered, attempting to add more storage options, yardwork, etc. I may install the WordPress app on my phone to make that sort of blogging really easy to keep up.

And I should also have some sort of regular update on the writing or editing I’m doing, a form of accountability.

Hopefully that makes for a well-tended blog and a happy author! 🙂


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