Alex is 7 months old!

It’s amazing how much development happens in just months. Alex can now move around in a circle while on his stomach and push himself backwards too, so he’ll probably figure out forward movement soon. He sits up well on his own, which works out nicely since he’s almost outgrown his infant car seat and will need to sit in shopping carts regularly.

He didn’t appear to enjoy solid food at first, but like his older brother Tim, he showed more interest once it was time for finger food. Now he gets small pieces of many of the things we’re eating at our meals.

His bottom middle teeth came in mid-August and we’re waiting for the top two to show. Sleep has been more predictable with cooler nights and the break in teething. Sometimes daytime sleep is postponed in favour of being with family, but he catches up later. Still waiting for the elusive “sleeping through the night,” which might only mean a 5-hour stretch at his age…

Favourite toys include a counting caterpillar, teething toys, Duplo blocks and soft rattles.


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