Alex at 5 months old

This post is a little overdue, partly because Alex has been a bit needy lately. Tonight I could see why: his first tooth is going to appear soon! Hooray!

Alex is working on sitting on his own. So far he supports himself with his hands in front of himself, so he’s almost doubled over but not quite falling to one side. 😉 Hopefully sitting in a high chair now and then (at this point, to play with toys) will help him with this milestone. I also don’t mind providing a bit of support while sitting with him on the floor or outside in the grass. It’s fun and relaxing to break up a day of “getting things done.”

He’s also getting much more comfortable on his stomach and I hope he’ll soon be showing signs of crawling. He can already move around on his back by kicking and squirming around, so the days of the babe staying in the exact place I left him are fast disappearing!

I’ve been hearing more laughter from him in the past few days and he loves to babble as well, when he’s not simply observing the other members of the family (all terribly fascinating to him) and smiling at their attention toward him.

Favourite toys of late include a “counting caterpillar,” colourful plastic rings (presumably for teething) and a firefly that goes with the car seat and stroller so there’s play on the go.


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