Review: Game On (Emmitt Smith)

I found this memoir a bit difficult to read. I don’t follow football, so the amount of sports talk in the book seemed too high for me, though I understand that it’s very important to the author, who spent 15 years in the NFL!

I was also thrown off in the beginning of the book by Smith’s lack of talk about God. He encouraged his reader to follow his/her dreams and showed how he had done the same, but I felt he should have focused more on God’s work in his life and less on his own actions and determination. As the book wore on, there was more and more mention of God and values to live by; it just seemed that such things should have been part of the entire story, especially from a Christian publisher.

I think Smith’s book would probably resonate with a male audience far more than it did with this female, so I would still recommend reading it. (And that’s not just because I discovered that we share the same wedding date!)

Tyndale Summer Reading Program Book #9


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