Review: I’m No Angel (Kylie Bisutti)

I used to avoid non-fiction at almost any cost, preferring “made-up stories,” but I’ve grown to enjoy learning about others’ lives and the lessons they’ve learned, especially when those books are written by fellow Christians.

This tale intrigued me and although I wished I could stop young Kylie from the path to fame that she chose, it was good to read her journey and see how God turned it into something beautiful rather than tragic – we hear too many of those stories in the news each year, lives cut short because of the lifestyle that goes along with being famous.

The devotional book I read from Kylie is included at the end of her story and I’m encouraged that it will reach a wider audience because I do think they are great lessons for all women to read. And I hope that Kylie finds she has more to write someday!

Tyndale Summer Reading Program Book #8


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