Four months old!

I’ve obviously been too busy this past month – there are no uploaded photos for May! I’ll definitely share Alex’s cuteness when I can, but for now, a text update will have to do.

Napping has become a more predictable thing this month, with Alex awake for 60-90 mins, then getting to sleep with a musical crib toy, plus a blankie and/or his fingers for chewing/sucking. Rocking or walking him about is now a rare thing, saved for when we’re out and about but he’s not in the carseat. He usually has bedtime close to that of his older brothers, sleeps for 4-6 hours and at least one stretch of 3-4 hours after that. He tends to be up when the rest of the family is having breakfast, like he doesn’t want to miss any of the day!

The exersaucer was such a hit with Alex that the swing became quite neglected since the last update. He loves to stand and sit much of the time, but will also happily kick while laying on a blanket. Lately the most important thing is that someone is right next to him so he doesn’t feel alone.

We’re still watching for the appearance of his first tooth, though he’s had teething symptoms for weeks. And he seems very close to rolling from back to front!


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