Two months old!

alex magnet

Alex is working on staying awake more of the day, so we get to see his baby blues more often. He likes to sit in his chair looking around him, and gives us smiles now and then! His swing is helpful when he wants motion but the adults are otherwise occupied, and the playmat is a good friend when he’s in the mood to strengthen arm and leg muscles.

Evening is his fussy time, but compared to the level of noise his older brothers can produce, his cries are so quiet! He seems to be saying there’s nothing wrong with evening cuddles, so why do Mum and Dad keep putting him in bed when he falls asleep? And what’s so fun about sitting down when he can be held while Mum or Dad is walking around? He’s always in bed before midnight, though, and is good about getting back to sleep once he’s eaten overnight. It’s nice not to have to worry about a night owl when I’m a morning person…


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