Mixed feelings about Divergent

So… I still want to see the movie, because movie trailers – even the short ones for TV – are slick and make everything look cool (except horror, which to me just looks creepy or revolting and not scary as it’s meant to do).

BUT, and here’s the gist of it: the book isn’t that great. The writing is okay, not the worst I’ve read yet also not the best. And I couldn’t decide whether I liked the main character or wanted to be in the mind of a different character. I think she was a little too selfish for my liking, yet even that can be developed well in the right author’s hands, I’m sure. Sometimes I would be cheering for her and her friends and family, then another chapter/scene would have me wondering what I was doing wasting my time reading it.

Also, and I should have had this first as a disclaimer, I don’t like dystopia as a genre. Lois Lowry is the only one who’s done it well enough to hook me for an entire book, indeed a full series. (Still looking forward to reading Son, which I finally have in my ebook collection.) I blame the movie previews for making me curious about Divergent in the first place, and a lapse in judgment for the fact that I actually went against my known dislike of the genre… I suppose it can be good to try something different to broaden my reading horizons. Unfortunately for this book and author, no broadening occurred, only a confirmation that I don’t do dystopia!

If I enjoy the movie, despite the book experience, I may read the second book. Or just wait for the next movie instead! I do have plenty of good things to read in the meantime, so it might make more sense that I stick to what I prefer…


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