Favourite things these days

Randomly generated from the jumble of Becca’s brain… 😉

– Frozen
– Frozen soundtrack (since I can’t sit down often to watch, I can get a kind of recap with the songs)
– Choosing a song playlist based on what song I hear on the local radio station. How this began: I can’t get great reception inside the house (or maybe I haven’t fiddled with the stereo antenna long enough to get beyond the point of frustration with the level of static) so I catch a little bit of a tune on the truck or car radio, then check our music collection for the song, if I like it. So far that’s led to The Corrs, Backstreet Boys, Ace of Base and Selena Gomez. 🙂
– My Nook e-reader for one-handed reading as Alex eats. Being able to change the font size also means I can let the reader sit beside me and just change the page with a finger-tap when I need to, almost no-handed reading!
– Homemade bread and baking.
– Spring sunshine!
– Spring rain. It means the snow is melting, which is totally cool with me. 😉

There, you have a cheater’s update post! A decent regular post should appear soon because Alex will be two months old next Wednesday. (Already?! “Tempus fugit,” indeed!)


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