February, where did you go?!

Hard to believe the third month of 2014 is almost upon us. Time flies with a newborn!

Alex will be 4 weeks old next Sunday and I’m still marvelling at how “chill” he is compared to my first two baby experiences. He grunts more than he cries, and he likes to observe quietly when he’s awake. Aside from the time spent changing diapers, holding and feeding him, I might forget there’s a babe in residence. I anticipate this changing, since all babies seem to love mixing up what has just become the norm; but I would be very grateful if this is a lasting personality trait!

Other things occurring this month: I finished a puzzle that had been a Christmas gift (photo to be added to the Hobbies album soon) and also read a great Star Trek novel, the first of a trilogy called Cold Equations. (I’ve requested the second from the library and it will likely come from the Lower Mainland, hopefully soon so I can continue the larger story arc.) Oh, and I watched a lot of Olympic coverage! Go, Canada, go! 🙂


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