Reading Update

I haven’t read as much as I could have lately, but I’m still taking advantage of Alex’s feeding times. Here’s what book fun I’ve been up to recently:

I really enjoyed Gone to Ground by Brandilyn Collins, excellent mystery/suspense and I honestly didn’t see the ending coming. (Nice not to be able to predict all the time with that genre. I don’t mind predicting the outcome of a romance, but that’s a different kind of animal!)

I picked up a Star Trek novel the day before Alex arrived. It’s Book One of the Next Generation Cold Equations series, The Persistence of Memory. So far quite interesting, though I’m still not sure I’m ready to move on after Data’s demise in the tenth movie. (Yes, Data was one of my favourite Next Gen characters. Setting a book four years after “Nemesis” means there’s some work to be done to convince me that life has moved on without him.)

I also started an ebook I snagged from GirlEBooks once upon a time, The Story of My Life by Helen Keller. I often take a long time with biographies, so don’t expect my opinion any time soon. Still, I’ve found Keller intriguing since we were first taught about her in elementary school.


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