Today’s soundtrack: Skillet

So, I ended up being super productive yesterday and was hoping it would be a repeat of the day I went into labour with Ben (who was an overnight baby). Nope, just felt like I was getting ready all evening and then woke a couple times overnight with nothing resulting.

Today will be more productivity if my body allows, try to keep my mind off the annoyance of waiting. 😉 I really should be more patient since I’ve gone to 40 weeks before, but the false alarms and sensation of my body really preparing for it had led me to believe I’d have a slightly early baby. Anyway… music helps when my mood wants to turn sour, hence putting most of Skillet’s discography on a playlist this morning. (I’m not that into live CDs, so I skipped them.) I even used Wikipedia to determine the chronological order of the CDs!

All right, off to cool some homemade coconut milk and get some cleaning done. Obviously, I hope to be back with a birth announcement, but don’t be surprised to see another countdown post instead. 😉


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