What to read, what to read…

This isn’t a case of “I have nothing to read” or “What author do I try next,” but instead a matter of prioritising. I had started Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead and haven’t gotten hooked yet, then I decided I should start Dark Justice by Brandilyn Collins since her suspense is awesome.

What comes in the mail to mess with those plans? One of the books I ordered at Christmas with a very generous Chapters gift card. (Apparently they’re sending the books one or two at a time. Seems a waste of their money – I had free shipping on the order – and I would have been content to tell them to send all in one parcel. Well, maybe they have a deal with Canada Post and one-book parcels work out better for the company? BTW, I would have gone with ebooks, but each book I looked at was about $5 cheaper in paperback, so as much as I like digital media it was print for me this time around.) It’s a Jane Austen related novel, so you know that bumps it up the list. 😉

And then yesterday I got an email about a request I had in at the Tyndale Blog Network, for Susan May Warren’s next book, It Had to Be You. I downloaded the ebook “galley” (advanced reader copy) and the review is due Feb. 12th, so I should probably do that right away since I’m going to be busy with Baby!

So, to “sum up” (as Inigo Montoya would say) that means Susan May Warren first, then probably one of the Chapters books (since I found more than one Austen-inspired story) and when I feel like suspense, back to Brandilyn Collins. Sorry to Lawhead, but his is at the bottom for now…


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