Well, this makes things easier…

Tonight I found a portable speaker I had originally intended for using with an MP3 player back in the day. Charged it up, plugged it in to the headphone jack after that and now I can hear wonderfully through my laptop as I do audio editing for my church. Hooray! I used to be tied to the machine with headphones on, so I couldn’t do much housework at the same time. Now I have a little more freedom!

I’m also using a travel mouse with retractable cord. My trackball is much larger than it should be (so I prefer the one at our desktop instead) and if my laptop makes it to the hospital during my upcoming stay, I’m sure I’ll be grateful for a small mouse (if there’s a surface to use it). Not really a fan of touchpads over here, yet I love the portability and storage capacity of a laptop! (I’ve tested a wireless mouse before but almost had the tiny USB transmitter stuck in my machine, so I’ve been waiting for a decent mouse with “old-fashioned” cord.)

On to my second file of the evening while I finish cleaning the kitchen!


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