A difference of personality

Looks like we have one video-game addict (Tim) and one who’s really interested in any sort of building or repair project (Ben).

Tim used to play Kirby on my Nintendo DS, and then he discovered Little Big Planet for the PS3. He still needed help with that second game, so he didn’t get to play as often as he liked (since it wasn’t always convenient for an adult to sit and play at the same time). Lately it’s Minecraft (on our Linux desktop) and he received a Lego Batman game for Christmas. He also loves the Sega Genesis portable player I found on ThinkGeek.com for Brad – who knew I’d be buying one gift for two or more people? šŸ˜‰ (Ben’s tried it, but he doesn’t really understand the controls yet. Tim may not be an expert, yet being two years older makes a difference in video-game success.)

Ben, meanwhile, has been sticking close to Brad whenever there’s something to build. He loved it this fall when our concrete steps were repaired and handrails added. Now he’s content to hang out in the basement seeing how the new laundry area is being constructed. I suspect he’ll quickly become a better helper than his mother his, since I always had my head in a book as a kid and didn’t bother much with anything Dad was doing on the house. (I’ve also gotten so used to going from one cleaning task to another around the house that sitting to watch with nothing for my hands to do isn’t my strong suit. Maybe I need to combine reading and the helper role, hee hee.)

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