Mid-December Update

Seems like it’s been very busy here lately! I certainly haven’t been looking at my November writing output since there’s so much else to do šŸ˜‰ but I am very pleased that I’ve got something to review at some point! I really do learn from participating in the novel-writing challenge, so it’s a good thing for me to do every year.

I’ve read a few Melody Carlson Christmas stories, should do some reviews! Right now I’m reading Christmas Roses by Amanda Cabot. Been using my new Nook (with backlighting) since the beginning of the month. šŸ™‚

I’ll have to review Ben’s album in my photo gallery to make sure I’ve got everything uploaded from his birthday. He was sick the weekend prior to his special day, so the usual family gathering didn’t happen with the grandparents, but we did have a special supper and cake on his birthday. He was thrilled to have a “banana cake,” since he’s obsessed with the fruit and the word itself!

I’m down to two-week intervals between my prenatal appointments. Dec 31st will be the 36-week mark! I’m getting shorter on breath and try to break up the day with resting time (usually sitting on the couch to read or use my computer) but the back pain I experienced in November is gone (probably an injury tightening the muscles and pulling on the sacroiliac joint) and if I’m not on my feet too long, my legs and ankles are much happier than they had been before. Baby seems to be quite the mover compared to what I remember with Tim and Ben. I’ll miss that later, but I’m excited to meet the little one!


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