NaNo update, Week #2

I’ve hit the week two rough patch, but still managed to get to 30,000 words, so there’s hope for me yet! Seems like I’m not taking enough time to write each day and stay in the characters’ minds long enough to discover the next bit of their stories. Why does life have to intrude on my writing time? 😉 I’ll see what I can do about reclaiming some of those writing periods I had during the first week, and maybe the inspiration and enthusiasm will return.

Since it’s the day for a new episode of Elementary, maybe I need to do some sort of Sherlock Holmes inspired scene when I do write next. I have a fondness for Holmes, egotistical as he may be, and it would be quite suitable for author-me to include fan-me in this writing challenge. (Which reminds me, where’s our next fix of the British show Sherlock? I miss it! Thank goodness that Holmes actor has been in a Star Trek movie since, and he’s credited in The Hobbit as well with his Sherlock co-star!)

All right, back to life and writing! Nine days till Doctor Who!


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