NaNo Update, Week #1 Complete!

I should be writing at this moment, but my mind has been on other things for several hours. For one thing, I suddenly had the urge to change the WordPress theme for my site. (Oy, poor choice of timing during a writing challenge.) I like what I’ve picked (and perhaps the use of my favourite word “loquacious” will push me to write more often) so I’m hopeful that satisfaction will now allow me to focus on the story. 😉

Thanks to the large word goals each day, I should hit 25,000 words before the end of today. Yay! I’m aiming for November 23rd or 24th for an end date, which will leave me free to watch the new Doctor Who special that airs on the 23rd. Nerdy deadline, yes, but if it works as motivation, that’s all that counts!

All right, back to writing! Should get the most done once the kids are in bed…


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