NaNo Update, Weekend #1

Well, the first three days of this challenge have gone really well! Got to the 10,000 word mark already, woo hoo! I know, it’s just the beginning and I have a long way to go, but I’m still thinking positive here. 🙂

As I found last year, it helps for me to just make myself move forward, even if I think the previous sentence or paragraph won’t survive the next draft. The point is to get the first draft done and if I’m too picky about the correct word or phrase, I’m moving backward or stalling rather than continuing the forward momentum. This explains why I’ve had a hard time over the years actually finishing stories I begin – I lose momentum and then my interest is gone, so I eventually start another story instead of working through my problems.

I’m also finding that it’s good to take regular breaks (but not too long each time if I can manage it). Then I’m free to dive back into the story with a relatively clear head, rather than trying to make myself sit for 1000 words in one go. Sometimes I even find myself writing plot notes during the break because my mind is still in the story and won’t leave it!

I do have an appt in the morning of Day 4 and then need to do some grocery shopping before returning home, but we’ll see if I can still meet the larger word goal once I’m back and able to be at the computer. Might even be able to do some plotting while I’m out, so I definitely need to bring one of my smaller notebooks for that reason. (I can use the voice recorder on my phone, too, but in previous years I’ve found that I don’t do as well with that. Writing notes suits me better.)


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