Happy NaNoWriMo!

That’s right, I’m participating in this potentially crazy writing challenge yet again. You know what, though? I have more wins than failures and last year I was able to finish in 21 days. So, crazy or not, it seems to work for me! I just keep hoping that one of these years I’ll realise that if I can write that much in one month, it means I should be able to schedule writing into my regular routine… The translation of that thought to reality hasn’t happened yet!

I won’t be posting updates every day, especially with the high word-count goals I’ll attempt at the beginning of the challenge. But every few days I hope to put together a few words about the challenge rather than for it. 😉

And now to get back to writing. Already reached 700+ in two writing “spurts,” so I think I’ll break up the daily goals into shorter sessions, with breaks for housecleaning, food and possibly a writing reward. (I can blog about those rewards another time, once I determine what motivates me most!)

Happy writing or reading to all word-junkies out there!


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