Review: Women Living Well (Courtney Joseph)

I’ve been following Courtney’s blog for about a year now and this book brings together some of the things I’d read there, but also adds more and gives a deeper look into her story. I soaked up the lessons she had to give and I hope my home will become a warmer place because of that.

I read the book in about five days (if my GoodReads stats are correct) but I’m also planning to follow an online study of the book that takes eight weeks. That sounds like a more reasonable length of time for proper reflection and putting the lessons into practice! (Courtney’s blog subscribers also have access to a downloadable study guide, so that’s another option.)

Living well in this modern world is a challenge. Economic pressures, shifting mores, kids’ activities, social media, smart phones–the landscape of our lives has changed just from one decade to the next. At the same time, our fundamental needs have not changed. Our husbands, our children, our souls still thirst for fulfillment. How do we match our families’ age-old needs to the new challenges of twenty-first-century life?

Mommy-blogger Courtney Joseph is a cheerful realist. She tackles this critical question head on, starting with the keys to protecting our walk with God “even with toddlers in the home ”

Her practical approach includes tons of tips that are perfect for busy moms, including:

  • A Busy Mom’s Guide to Meditating on Scripture
  • Marriage and Media Landmines
  • Handling Disappointment with Your Husband’s Spiritual Leadership

There is nothing more important than fostering your faith, building your marriage, training your children, and creating a haven for your family. Women Living Well is a clear and personal guide to making the most of these precious responsibilities.


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