Review: A Legacy of Secrets (Carol Marinelli)

Readathon 2013 review #15

This Harlequin novel was sent to me by the publisher. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as others they’ve sent in the past. The plot wasn’t very original (though I did like the heroine’s interest in being a film director) and the romance wasn’t that interesting. I also have a problem with the rushed ending, like the author had suddenly gotten to the end of the optimal word count and had to wrap things up quickly whether or not she and the characters were ready!

Personal assistant Ella is never without her “Santo Bag”—not the latest designer “must have,” but emergency supplies to handle whatever the devilish Santo Corretti throws at her. But no pair of sunglasses will cover the darkness in her boss’s eyes this morning.

Scandal is circling. Santo’s family is in tatters. His brother is languishing in a jail cell and his latest film’s on the rocks. All Santo wants is a little TLC. Except, Ella’s heart is not part of the playboy fix-it kit.


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