Review: The Vicious Vet (M.C. Beaton)

Readathon 2013 review #8

I liked the main character in this book less than the first time I’d met her, in the original Agatha Raisin novel. I continued to read this story more for the occasional mention of English countryside and also for the mystery, which turned out to be a bit disappointing. I did like Agatha’s neighbour James Lacey, however, and think he deserves his own book or two!

When handsome veterinarian Paul Bladen dies from a drug injection intended for a horse, Agatha decides it was murder and calls on her bachelor neighbor James Lacey to help investigate. Although her friend, Detective Sgt. Bill Wong, believes the death was an accident and cautions her against overdramatizing life in their village, Agatha proceeds. She discovers an angry former client of the vet whose cat had died at his hands and claims she has information about Bladen. But when Agatha shows up for their meeting, the woman is dead; another accident, suggest the police as Agatha cries murder once more. Pursuing men and clues with abandon, Agatha finally ferrets out the murderer but loses her male quarry in the process.


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