Review: Jasmine Moon Murder (Laura Childs)

Readathon 2013 review #10

This was a good mystery but I think the tea shop and the setting of Charleston shone more brightly than Theo’s detective skills. I’m interested in reading more of this series and the author’s Scrapbook Mysteries too.

Theodosia Browning, proprietor of the Indigo Tea Shop, and her staff are serving tea and goodies during the first-ever “Ghost Crawl in Charleston’s famed Jasmine Cemetery.” The event ends abruptly when Dr. Jasper Davis, uncle of Theo’s beau Jory, dies mysteriously and publicly. Det. Burt Tidwell makes Theo promise she won’t stick her amateur nose in, but a frazzled Jory pleads with her to use her special abilities as a sleuth to root out the killer. The victim was vice-president in charge of research at a large medical products company called Cardiotech, and Theo suspects Dr. Davis’s death is connected with his job. A second murder complicates things, but Theo perseveres and eventually corners the killer using a snazzy bit of up-to-date technology to summon help. Fans will enjoy the rich brew of murder, tea lore and mouth-watering descriptions of food (recipes included).


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