Review: How Nancy Drew Saved My Life (Lauren Baratz-Logsted)

Readathon 2013 review #7

This was a decent novel, though I could have done without the occasional profanity and one intimate scene. I liked the ambassador and daughter best, even above the main character. I wanted the loose ends tied a little tighter but will have to imagine a second epilogue instead. I think I’d consider reading other books by the same author, especially if they’re set in intriguing countries like Iceland! πŸ™‚

Broken, smashed and stomped in the mud. That’s how Charlotte Bell’s heart ended up the last time she let her emotions heat up on a nanny assignment. So taking a new position in frigid Iceland, working for Ambassador Edgar Rawlings, might be just what Charlotte needs in order to heal up β€” and chill out. This time, she’s determined to be intrepid and courageous. She’s even read all fifty-six original Nancy Drew books in preparation. Unfortunately, she’s neglected to find out anything about Iceland or to look into the background of her oddly compelling employer. When Charlotte stumbles onto the trail of a mystery that only she can solve, she’ll need every shred of Nancy’s wisdom to keep her life β€” and her heart β€” safe!


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