Review: Renegade (Mel Odom)

This ebook was provided by the publisher for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.

This novel started off strong and I liked the main character, however there seemed to be too much emphasis on his past – by the time I’d read a third of the book, I was bored of his backstory and wanted forward momentum. I also found it disorienting to introduce new plotlines at that point of the tale. Even if the characters were from the first book of the series and not new additions to someone who’s read both books, it would make more sense to have those folks at the beginning of the story, if at all possible.

I may finish the book at some point to see how things end up for the character, but right now it’s not worth my time to be bored by a story that should be a page-turner instead.

Having grown up in the foster system, Private Pike Morgan’s rough exterior and problem with authority earn him few friends among his fellow Marines. When he’s not on missions for the Marine Reserve, Pike’s rebellious attitude and eagerness for vigilante justice have the local police regularly at his doorstep. Struggling to set down roots, and nervous of his desire to, Pike’s eager to answer the military’s call for another deployment.



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