Review: What Would Jane Austen Do (Laurie Brown)

This was a good romance, though I completely recommend skipping past the few smutty scenes. Thankfully the rest of the book wasn’t all swoon and lust, but instead something much better: Regency, and Jane Austen too! 😀 I loved the description of the setting and the fashions too, though I’m not very interested in fashion in modern times!

I liked the heroine and hero and a lot, and most of the minor characters were also fun to get to know. The mystery of who might be sending secrets to England’s enemies was intriguing, and I wasn’t sure of my prediction for who might be the culprit (though I did end up being right). I like some uncertainty in that case, since I have to read on to find out!

The resolution of both romance and mystery aspects of the plot was great and I liked how things wrapped up in both time periods. This will be an ebook I plan to read again sometime, and I’ll keep an eye out for other Regency stories from the same author.

When a modern woman goes back to Jane Austen’s time, she needs to know…

Everything! Eleanor agrees to travel back in time to prevent a deadly duel, but she doesn’t know how to behave, what to say, and most importantly…

How to tell a villain from a rake

The captivating, infuriating, and mysterious Lord Shermont is a renowned rake and womanizer—but is he also a dangerous cutthroat and spy? Eleanor has to get up close and personal to find out…

Otherwise, she could fall into a most shocking scandal…

Thankfully, Miss Jane Austen herself arrives on the scene, with sage guidance and a twinkle in her eye, to help Eleanor navigate countryhouse society and the dangerous terrain of her own heart…


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