Bookworm Update, April 21

book-hangover-books-quotes I can definitely relate to the concept of the book hangover! It’s happened many times, and maybe that’s why a series of books can be easy to speed through – you’re not changing up the literary landscape, just continuing right along with either new major characters or new adventures for the friends you’ve already made.

I’m still reading Erak’s Ransom (John Flanagan). Haven’t actually been picking it up much, so I’m making slow progress. My time seems to be divided between the usual household activities and then too many hobbies at once: writing, knitting, reading, and an itch to do a jigsaw puzzle as well, but when’s a good time to start? I’ll sort it all out, I’m sure. And if I get an email telling me it’s time to give feedback on a Harlequin freebie, then I’ll know how to prioritise the reading. 😉

Up next for books: The aforementioned Harlequin, Better than Chocolate (Sheila Roberts). I recently grabbed a book from the YA section at the library, so that’s a possibility as well! And I don’t want to go too long before I get back to Terri Blackstock and Susan May Warren. 🙂


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