Bookworm Update, Mar 18

reading friend quote

I can definitely understand the quote into today’s image. One reason I’ve favoured novels over non-fiction for so long is that I make new friends when I encounter a good book. Who doesn’t want more friends? 😉

I’m currently reading Fugitive (Shirlee McCoy). This book is a Love Inspired Suspense novel received from Harlequin via NetGalley. It’s good, though I do find myself skimming a bit here and there when I’m more interested in the mystery/suspense but the author wants to throw in the romance aspect.

Let it be noted for the record: I certainly don’t object to the aforementioned romance, especially when romance novels have been a huge part of my reading past, but sometimes I don’t care how hunky she finds him or how much he wants to kiss her. Give me more of her loving that he’s the protective type and him willing to lay his life down if necessary – love in action, I guess, rather than just thinking about the physical stuff.

Anyhoo… I also got one third of the way through The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets (Eva Rice) for the Bookshelf‘s book of the month. Nothing is happening, though! Soooo boring, and while I like the main character, her new friends are not a good influence and I want her to break ties with them pronto. I also expected a spiritual aspect to this story and I haven’t seen evidence of that, so I’m disappointed. I think this novel will go back to its home library in Squamish without my being bored to tears by the rest of it. Too many good novels out there to continue reading something that hasn’t hooked me, right? Makes me a bit sad, but c’est la vie!

Up next for me is probably Take a Chance on Me (Susan May Warren), another freebie from the publisher via NetGalley. 🙂 Warren’s writing is great, so I have high hopes for that reading experience. And after that… I do have a print novel with Jane Austen in the title, got it for $15 off at the local bookstore. (Wow!)


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