Review: The Sorcerer of the North (John Flanagan)

While Will’s apprentice days were fun to read about, I really enjoyed this book about Will being a Ranger. The story didn’t wrap up, though, just ended abruptly, so I had to load the next e-book right away! I’m looking forward to seeing how the plot is finally resolved in Book #6!

Several years have passed since the apprentice and his master, Will and Halt, first met. Will is finally a full-fledged Ranger with his own fief to look after. The fief seems sleepy – boring, even – until Lord Syron, master of a castle far in the north, is struck down by a mysterious illness. Joined by his friend Alyss, Will is suddenly thrown headfirst into an extraordinary adventure, investigating fears of sorcery and trying to determine who is loyal to Lord Syron. As Will battles growing hysteria, traitors, and most of all, time, Alyss is taken hostage, and Will is forced to make a desperate choice between his mission and his friend.


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