Upcoming reviews

Lest I forget what I have read lately, I took a quick peek at the recent post titles and this is what I think is missing (so far):

Battle for Skandia, Book #4 of John Flanagan’s Ranger Apprentice series. I had actually finished it before the scheduled reading update posted, but it seemed easier to leave my words as they were and move on to the review, which hasn’t happened yet. 😉

Cassie and Caleb Discover God’s Wonderful Design. A Moody Publishers freebie via NetGalley. I haven’t actually gone past the halfway point, but I will do a review soon when I’m in catch-up mode.

Knit Two from Kate Jacob’s Friday Night Knitting Club series. Probably no review coming on this one because I didn’t read it for long before boredom set in. For someone who had read the rest of the series, the first chapter might just feel like recap that could be skipped if desired. For a newcomer, it was very dull and I got sick of being told what the characters do with their lives instead of being shown who they are. (Yes, show vs. tell is a big pet peeve of mine. About as annoying as including every character’s thoughts in one chapter or section of narrative rather than staying in one mind long enough to form a bond. But I digress… 😉 )

One more reading-related note: Someone remind me to see what other widgets GoodReads offers ’cause the update I have right now isn’t very different than what I’m posting, so it seems redundant!

If you’ve been waiting for a knitting update, here ’tis before I go: My rib stitch dishcloth is coming along fairly well. I can see flaws but I don’t always spot them early enough to know what to do. One row has the same flaw through it and actually looks like it was planned that way, so I’m going to defiantly keep it rather than frogging (rip-it, rip-it) and redoing. I do think I may need the regular-size needles soon, however; some stitches dropped off the bottom end of the needle today and if it weren’t double-pointed I can’t see that happening. Also, it will be nice to move to a project that requires more stitches per row. (I’m actually pondering what size I might need for a pouch for glasses. Should research if someone’s posted something already online that I can use. Otherwise, scarves, slippers and purses are what I’m itching to try, for myself and/or gifts.)


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