Review: Dakota Child (Linda Ford)

I received this book as a gift from Harlequin, maybe two years ago already. It was misplaced in a disorganised room, but made it back to the bookshelf a few months ago. I was pleased to see it was from the Love Inspired line, a good indication it could be my kind of story.

And it was! I did find some of it repetitive, with the characters’ stubbornness resulting in what seemed to be very similar dialogue over and over. Perhaps they should have just said, “Let’s agree to disagree,” and the narrative could focus on outer conflict rather than the same argument; however, that doesn’t take away from it being a good plot and decent writing. I liked the main characters, especially the hero. And his mother made for a great minor character who deserves a book of her own!

Trapped in a North Dakota blizzard, single mother Vivian Halliday’s prayer for herself and her child is answered. Rescue comes in the seemingly terrifying form of Billy Black, the hulk of a man feared by all the townsfolk. Yet in the home he shares with his ailing mother, the handsome, gentle giant warms her baby’s bottles and sings sweet lullabies that lull even Vivian to peaceful sleep. When the storm abates, will she still seek the life that led her back to the village?


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