Bookworm Update, Feb 18


Every week on iVillage‘s Christian Bookshelf board, I open a thread for my fellow bookworms to tell what they’re reading and what’s coming up next. Sometimes I throw in an extra question, like “Where is your book at this very moment?” or “Ebook or print?” (It’s nice to have variety in this weekly conversation and also learn a little more of each person’s tastes.)

Since I like to chat here about what I’m reading, but generally have trouble remembering to do so regularly, I’ll give double-posting a shot – starting the thread at the Bookshelf and giving my response here as well, so maybe-just-maybe I’ll have a reading blog post at least once a week! I usually do the Bookshelf post on Sunday but there have been times it doesn’t occur to me until Monday, so that’s the kind of behaviour to expect here (hee hee).

And here’s my update this week:

I’m reading Battle for Skandia (John Flanagan). This is Book #4 in the Ranger’s Apprentice series.

I may not get to the library in the city this week, so Book #3 in the Newpointe 911 series will have to wait, though it was my plan to read it next. Instead, my next fiction selection will probably be Knit Two (Kate Jacobs). Normally I don’t want to read a series out of order, but I picked this one up last year for $2 at the local bookstore and it’s time to check out the Friday Night Knitting Club already!

Bonus non-fiction talk, already mentioned previously on the Bookshelf: I have two non-fiction books on the go, both for group discussion/study with the ladies at church. The first is Learn the Bible in 24 Hours (Chuck Missler) and the second is Lies Women Believe (Nancy Leigh DeMoss). We typically get through two chapters per week of the first book on Monday mornings, and one chapter of the second on Tuesday evenings. I’m enjoying both!


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